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Innovative technological solutions that facilitate daily operations for various organizations and their clients.  Discover how our different solutions can revolutionize your organization

Your Business Growth is our Job

Our training management system; Whether you are a training center, trainer, teacher, or business organization looking for an internal training management system. The training management system from our education is the perfect system to serve your goals and maximize your income

Charitable Organizations Management System

A system that aims to support charitable organizations and automate processes to support decision-making and save time and effort on association departments for the benefit of the associations’ nominal goals

Central Hub for Managing Educational Processes

Our educational content management system is a system that was built in cooperation with educational experts, measurement and evaluation experts, in addition to technical expertise.

Smart Interactive Training Platform

TopQdrat platform is a platform specialized in distance training courses. It provides students with content that helps them improve their performance on tests

Our Education

Our Education System For Managing The Educational Processes

We draw the map of the future for educational systems, Bringing a real change in the lives of learners, teachers, and educational institutions in the Middle East.



Benefit from our already provided services



They develop their educational methods through the provided resources and innovative tools



They interact to strengthen the partnership with the school


An hour a day

Performed by teachers, students and parents on all our educational solutions

Our Education Platform... One Partner
For all Educational Requirements

Our Education Platform ... One Partner
For all education requirements

A Comprehensive, Effective, and Powerful Educational System, We develop the appropriate learning system for your educational institution, to serve teachers, students, and parents.

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Why our education system? How many applications do you need to manage any educational system?

Because we offer you many features that facilitate the learning process in one integrated solution


Advanced education

It opens up global horizons for effective and innovative scientific experiments.


Solid management system

Streamlined management of the entire educational process due to our effective administrative tools.


Institutional growth

Boost your organization's growth with our solutions.


An education carefully tailored to the progress of the future

Using the latest 21st century learning tools.


We guarantee the security
and protection of your deposits

Reliable saving

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Stable growth

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Various technological solutions

We have many solutions that facilitate the daily operations of various organizations

Various technological solutions

We have many solutions that facilitate the daily operations of various organizations

This includes solutions for managing the educational process, solutions for training management, solutions for managing charitable societies, and others...

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All-in-one mobile app for managing your finances

Account management

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Recurring purchases

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Funds protection

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