Smart Interactive Training Platform

In our quest to maximize the value of e-learning, we have introduced "Top Abilities", a platform dedicated to online training courses. This platform offers students content that helps them improve their test performance, enabling them to become familiar with how to handle the exam and find guidance in accessing the correct information and achieving a complete understanding. In doing so, we have drawn upon both Arab and international educational experiences, coupled with technological capabilities.

About TopQdrat

The "TopQdrat" experience began as a platform for training on aptitude and achievement tests for students within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With the success of the platform, achieving an increase in success rates and score averages by more than 70%, we introduced more courses for final reviews for various basic education stages. We then added other types of general courses and personal development courses, and the platform has the capacity to accommodate other types of courses as well.

Because we understand the disparity in students' abilities and the need for personalized education, the platform offers students the opportunity to request individual sessions with our carefully selected teachers. This ensures that students have ample time to receive information in a manner that suits them best from the instructor.

In addition to this, there's the option of direct conversation between students and the teacher, as well as amongst the students themselves in the course discussion room. This room is not just limited to the session's duration but can be accessed anytime, anywhere, through our application available on all platforms, be it smartphones, tablets, or the web.

The platform also grants teachers the ability to test students to ascertain their comprehension of the subject matter. It also enables them to share supplementary materials with the students, such as presentations, text files, and more.

Regarding the relationship between students, we have provided the opportunity for them to compete against one another in tests and assignments. We've given teachers the authority to encourage this kind of healthy competition, which aids in learning and educational growth.

All of this has been done with a clear focus on maintaining the quality of service provided to customers. We offer various electronic payment methods and guarantee the right to a refund should they be unsatisfied with the service received.

Recognizing that the success of the educational process requires collaboration between the family and the educational entity, we have provided parents with the ability to monitor their children's performance on the platform. This includes managing their financial credits, tracking their test results, and accessing the platform's recommendations regarding the student's educational performance, as well as monitoring their academic progress compared to their peers.

Thus, the "TopQdrat" platform offers a unique experience for students, teachers, and parents in a platform built based on the recommendations of parents, students, and teachers.


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