Training Management System

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Whether you are a training center, a trainer, a teacher, or a business institution looking for a system to manage internal training, the training management system from "تعليمنا" (Our Education) is the ideal system to serve your goals and maximize your income.


About Training Management System

In the training management system, you can add training courses and link them to specific educational curricula or free courses. When linking to educational curricula, the system administrator can add the appropriate educational content, various types of questions to evaluate the performance of trainees, determine the price of the training course, set another price for the educational curriculum, and offer various promotional coupons.

You can also specify the timings of the training sessions and determine whether they are live. If so, the course is automatically linked to the Zoom meeting system, which allows the trainer to use audio, video, a smart board, and share files. You can also allow trainees to share their screens or write on the electronic board within the session to increase interaction between the trainer and the trainee.

For recorded courses, you can record sessions from live courses and republish them as a recorded course. This allows new trainees to benefit from questions and inputs of previous trainees or add pre-recorded training sessions.

To ensure effective learning, the platform allows communication between the trainer and trainees and among trainees themselves during the course. They can share information and inquiries through discussion rooms. These rooms are available as long as the course duration is active, and discussions are held under the direct supervision of the course instructor. The platform retains all files shared in discussion rooms, as well as the content shared, serving as a reference for the trainee at any time.

To cater to the diverse abilities of students and trainees, a trainee can request an individual interview or session. Its timings can be predetermined, and it can be priced differently from the training course itself.

In cases where the trainees are minors, their guardians can monitor their progress on the platform through a dedicated user account. They can also add financial credits for their wards to use in private sessions and to enroll in courses. Guardians can also track the results of assignments given during the course.

The platform features a comprehensive control panel, allowing the platform manager to know the progress of trainees in various courses, monitor the platform's financial performance, determine profit-sharing percentages between the platform management and the trainer, and link with different payment methods.


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