Charity Organizations Management System

Dedicated to Doing Good

The Charity Organization Management System was developed with the objective of supporting charitable organizations by automating processes to facilitate decision-making. This system saves time and effort for the management of these organizations, helping them further achieve their noble goals. As part of our company's commitment to community service, we have devoted our capabilities to support civil society, charitable deeds, and governance.

The Charity Organization Management System connects charitable associations, benefactors, and beneficiaries through a single, easy-to-use, and flexible platform.

About Charity Organizations Management System​

Governance Management: The platform allows association management to add and publish regulations, mechanisms, policies, minutes, and reports on the association's performance and activities, as well as the administrative and organizational structures of the association and financial statements.

Content Management: The platform provides flexibility for the association's website managers to add and modify website content, as well as blogs and initiatives.

Social Cases Management: The platform enables the acceptance of donation requests through a donation application form or by applying for a grant. The system collects the required data from the cases based on the settings determined by the system administrator. The administrator can review these requests and determine their alignment with the association's goals and requirements.


Initiatives and Charity Aspects Management: The system administrator can add initiatives, detail their objectives, and track donations for each specific cause separately.

Donations Management: The system accepts various available electronic payment methods. The system administrator can monitor the amounts collected for each payment method and each initiative, as well as access donor details (if they agree to share them). This facilitates thanking donors, informing them about new initiatives, explaining how donations are spent, and other related matters.


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