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In our education, the Educational Content Management System (ECMS) serves as a central hub for managing educational processes. This system was built in collaboration with educational experts, instructional specialists, and experts in assessment and evaluation, in addition to technical expertise. In designing the ECMS, flexibility was emphasized, allowing educational institutions to manage multiple educational systems across various branches, at different times, and in different academic years. This takes into account the variations in curricula from one year to another, and even across different countries if the educational institution operates in multiple nations.

About Content Management System

Educational content managers can create materials with different structures in terms of sections, chapters, and lessons, or flexibly rearrange content using drag-and-drop functionality. If content modifications are needed, it's also possible to clone the content to save time and effort for content creators and managers.

The content manager specifies the types of content that need to be created for each educational unit, determines the number of questions for that unit, and sets the levels of difficulty and ease. They also outline the learning outcomes and objectives that need to be measured for that educational unit. This provides guidance to content creators, ensuring the platform's goals are unified and the content is harmonized.

We relied on scientific theories in determining the types of questions and their topics so as to cover different educational outcomes (recognition, understanding, innovation, etc.). This ensures diversity in the ways information is delivered, as our platform allows for presenting various types of content (readable, audible, visual), as well as interactive content. We provide 12 different types of questions to ensure information reaches students in the manner best suited for them. Content creators also provide explanations for each question's answer to help students identify their areas of weakness.

Based on this, the system analyzes students' performance in tests and assignments, and presents recommendations to the teacher, guardian, and student, highlighting areas of improvement and suggesting what students can do to enhance their performance. Furthermore, in our educational approach, we offer content production and creation services, saving time and effort, utilizing the technical and educational expertise available to us.

Based on the aforementioned data, the platform automatically analyzes student performance. This allows for the calculation of difficulty, stability, and discrimination indices for each question separately, based on students' performance over time. The platform self-corrects its content intelligently, ensuring the continuous improvement of both content and student performance.

To maximize the benefits of content and question banks, teachers and various educational departments can use the educational content databases to create tests, assignments, and competitions among students. This enables a full transition to electronic monitoring without the need for human intervention.

Based on the provided materials, the system automatically generates schedules, which are displayed to the guardians in their application. The system identifies areas of shortages or surpluses in positions and the required human resources in terms of teachers needed to cover these positions. This information can then be transferred to the human resources department to advertise the needed jobs, publish them, and subsequently filter the received resumes. Our "Taalimna" (our education) platform is an integrated platform that connects inputs with outputs to achieve holistic results.


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