Admission and Registration System

One System of Our Education Platform

The "Taalimona" (our education) platform contains 26 harmonious and interconnected applications that work as a single unit to serve both parents and school management. One of these applications is the admission and registration application.

About Admission and Registration System

The admission and registration application allows the parent to apply for their child's enrollment digitally without the need to visit the school premises. Parents can submit the student's file, pay fees, and manage associated services electronically through a single application available on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

The parent specifies the educational system they want their child to join and selects the academic stage. Based on this, the system suggests appropriate branches for the parent's choices, clarifying the associated fees and the distance between the parent's location and the branch. Depending on the available capacity in these branches and if the parent wishes to join the waiting list for any branch that doesn't have enough capacity, they are automatically notified to complete the registration when the capacity becomes available. This applies to new students or students transitioning from a previous academic year.

Based on the parent's choices, the platform determines the necessary documents and files for enrollment. The parent can then upload these files electronically for review.

During registration, the parent can also add required services for the student, such as school transportation, uniforms, textbooks, and other additional services. If the parent is eligible for discounts, such as those for a second or third child, the system identifies and applies these discounts. Parents can choose a payment method that suits them from the electronic payment options provided by the platform. Additionally, the platform enables parents to opt for installment payment plans, either directly through the platform or via installment systems available on other platforms. Upon completing the payment, the platform issues electronic payment receipts and invoices to the parent.

In cases where a personal interview is required, the platform can facilitate the interview directly, eliminating the need for the student to visit the school in person.

To simplify follow-up and customization, the parent can add another parent during registration and specify which parent receives behavioral notifications, attendance and absence alerts, and determine communication methods, such as text messages or WhatsApp.

Once the registration process is completed, the system automatically assigns the student to a class. The parent is then notified of the class name in which the student has been placed, contact details, the administrative structure of the branch where the student is, and the identities of the teacher and supervisor responsible for him. Upon acceptance, the parent can print the registration contract and the transportation contract if they have opted for the school transportation service. If the student is transferred from another school, the parent can also print an acceptance transfer letter.

All of this is accessible from a single application available on all smart devices (phone, tablet, computer).

On the other hand, the branch manager and concerned officials are notified of the new student's entry and his details. The tuition fees are incorporated into the school's accounting system, and admissions and registration officials are informed of the applying students.

The school management's dashboard displays the admission rates, the number of new enrollees for each branch, occupancy rates in the branches, collection rates for each branch, the number of vacant spots, and the number of students on waiting lists for each branch.


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